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Whether you are a parent/caregiver, student or professional we have learning resources and opportunities for you.

Positive Space Network

This paid course covers the history and issues of the LGBTQ+ community.

How to Talk to your Child about Anxiety

This free course (in English, Arabaic, and Urdu)  teaches parents and caregivers how to effectively talk to their children about anxiety.

You are not alone

This free course offers tips and support for parents and caregivers of children struggling with a variety of issues.

Welcoming Community

Find opportunities to be involved in French Language services in Ontario.

Risky Play

Learn about the importance of Risky Play from ROCK’s EarlyOn and Family Centre


Developed by ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids, this site provides online courses, resources, and opportunities in the non-profit, mental health and community service sectors.

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In Class Training

We provide In-Class Training as a followup to some of our online courses  for organizations

Opportunities for Students and Professionals

We support a wide variety of community initiatives that provide opportunities for students and professionals to get involved

E-learning and Community Resources

Check out our E-learning courses and videos on a wide variety of topics. including LGBTQ2S+ issues, mental health, and parental support training

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