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Established by the Reach Out Centre for Kids in 2014, ROCK’s Centre of Learning supports professional development through online courses and provides free online support for children, youth and their families on their journey in mental health. We do this by:

  • Promoting and sustaining a culture of leadership, energy, excellence and continuous learning
  • Attracting highly trained and skilled staff, interns and students
  • Creating and expanding innovative evidence-informed programs and best practices within the ROCK, and in collaboration with our community partners

The key areas of focus for the Centre of Learning are:

  • Internal Training and Development: 
    Planning, coordination and implementation of training for ROCK staff, students and interns
  • External Consultation and Training:
    Providing consultation to organizations in areas where ROCK has developed expertise and innovative practices; organizing community workshops
  • Students:
    Coordinating and supporting university and college practicums across the agency
  • Interns:
    Overseeing the recruitment, orientation, training and supervision of post-graduate Interns across ROCK’s clinical services
  • Standards of Practice:
    Developing clear standards of practice guidelines for key clinical services across the agency and supporting these to ensure knowledge dissemination and skill development
  • Research:
    Providing support in program evaluation and research
  • Innovative Services:
    Collaborating with ROCK staff, management and community partners to explore and implement new evidence-informed programs
  • Conferences and Publications:
    Presenting at key conferences and writing for publication in professional journals
  • Families and Clients
    Serving as an online support system for parents and caregivers who may have a child/youth experiencing mental health challenges


Developed by ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids, rockonlearn.ca is a new Learning Management System (LMS) that provides online learning tools geared to enhance knowledge and provide opportunities for training in the non-profit, mental health and community service sector.

These E-learning tools offer affordable, creative and innovative E-learning modules for parents/caregivers, clients/patients, partner organizations, businesses, individuals and community agencies. This online resource will provide information, opportunities for discussion and other tools to advance skills for mental health providers and offer other topics of interest in our community.