Recognized as a Leader in Brief Therapy and Walk-in Clinic Counselling

The Windz Institute is operated by ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids’ Centre of Learning and is located in Oakville, Ontario. 

The Windz Institute is the home of brief narrative therapy training, education, research and community outreach. Our service philosophy is non-pathologizing and client-centred, focusing on what is strong in people, rather than what is wrong in people. We offer advanced training and education based on innovative knowledge and practice-based research. Our workshops, certificate programs and conferences reflect collaborative, strength-oriented ideas and practices that address current service gaps and social issues.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING to suit your organization’s needs

No matter the size of your organization or team, we will customize training to suit your organization’s needs.

Karen Young, MSW, RSW, Director of the Windz Institute and Manager of ROCK’s Centre of Learning, has provided clinical training to most of the Walk-In Therapy clinics in Ontario, as well as in eastern Canada, Calgary and internationally. She can provide clinical training in brief narrative therapy for walk-in clinics, single session services, and brief service programs. These trainings will prepare your staff to make the most of every session they have with your clients.

For information about upcoming workshops and certificate programs or to book an offsite training session with Karen Young, please visit or email